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What factors affect the success rate for vasectomy reversal procedure?

What factors affect​​ the success rate for vasectomy reversal procedure?

Nowadays, the proportion of the couple’s divorcement significantly going high, men who used to be done for the vasectomy is now changing their mind and seeking for the vasectomy reversal procedure. Some survey in the US recently reported that 2% – 6% of vasectomized men they need to do the reversal procedure.

Let’s talk about the vasectomy procedure first! The day-care operational for male permanent contraception. This sort of procedure will start with the infusion of the pain killer direct to scrotal skin. After that the surgeon will make 1-cm for the incision then catch both Vas deferens then cut, tie and cauterize them as in the picture shown up. Some surgeons are performing the called “No-scalpel Vasectomy” which is no incision required. This special technique has pros on the less pain and less operational times but we still questions related to the effectiveness on the results. Literally, once I discuss with the patients related to the “Contraception procedure”, they have anticipated 100% success rate ever (I have reviewed the latest literature about those questions would had launched since 2014 – but it remains questionable).

So back to the vasectomy reversal procedure! It is not just a minor operation like the vasectomy one. To do this we required the patients access procedure under the general anesthesia several hours in the operational duration, when the job done the patients need to stay overnight in the hospital.

After the operation, the patients must strictly follow the doctor’s advices as following:

  • Taking shower or bathing will be allowed after 48 hours passed by
  • All-time wear scrotal support (except in taking shower only) do this for 6 weeks
  • Scrotal support still need to wear while you performing the heavy activities or sports, unless you’re getting know the sing of pregnancy confirmed
  • Desk works can be resumed in 3 days
  • Avoid any kind of sports for 3 weeks
  • No ejaculation for 3 weeks
  • Semen analysis shall repeat as scheduled the 1st , 3rd  and 6th  of the month after the operation

With the microscopic surgery and to obtain the superior outcome so it might needs the well-trained Urologist or Andrologist to perform this operation. Once the reversal procedure has done, 70% – 95% of the patients  will getting sperms as well as their ejaculated fluid ,and finally getting pregnancy naturally from 30% – 75% of the couple.

Anyway, there still a magic number on this operation! Well! Will you make the decision to undergo the reversal procedure just because for 5 years vasectomy and plan to get young wife to become more fertility? Is it better when you get divorced too early and finding another younger wife at the same time in order to gain more beneficial from that? Just little joke. If you need more information on this stuff, come and see me at the office please.



在现代,离婚夫妻的比率越来越高有些男性做过结扎手术的人开始改变心意想要做输精管复通术。依美国的数据近期有 2%-6%的男性要求做输精管复通手术。

让我们先来谈到结扎术!他是男性永久避孕的当日回手术。 这个所述的做法是从阴囊皮肤直接注入止痛药开始。再来医生从会从阴囊表皮开一公分的切口然后抓住两边的输精管进行切割跟绑断如图所示。 有些外科医生正在执行所谓的 “无创的输精管结扎 术”,它不需要切开皮肤。 这种特殊的技术可以减轻痛苦和减少手术时间,但我们对术后的效果仍然存在疑问。 一旦我与患者进行讨论关于“避孕计划”,他们就有期望着会获得100%的成功率(我已经查阅了最新的文献有关这些问题,从2014年以来就出现这些问题的最新文献,但仍然值得怀疑)。

那么我们回到输精管复通手术! 这不仅是输精管结扎术那样的小手术。 为了做这个手术,我们需要患者在全身麻醉下进行数小时的手术,手术完成后,患者需要住院一天观察。


  • 术后48小时才允许淋浴

通过显微外科输精管复通术,为了获得更满意的效果,需要经验丰富的泌尿科医师或男性科医师来执行此手术。 一旦输精管复通了,会有70%-95%的患者展现精子在精液里面,最终这些夫妇会有30到75%自然地怀孕。

无论如何,此操作还有一个魔幻数字! 就是! 您是否在五年内进行输精管结扎术并计划与年轻妻子结婚,为了增加生育能力,而决定做输精管复通手术? 如果是那样您该尽早离婚而且同时找到年轻漂亮的妻子才可以让这个手术的成功率更高? 开玩笑的!



















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