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Trauma Brain Injury (TBI)

Head injury mean complex mechanical loading to the head and/or the body that causes the injuries to the scalp, skull, brain and cranial nerve. As a result, it causes patient’s brain’s function disorder which may affect to physical disability, consciousness, thinking process, mental and emotional changes as well as behavior

How to Avoid Traffic Accidents

1. Keep your eyes on the road
2. Never use your cell phone
3. Don’t change CD’s, radio tuner
4. Never, ever drink or sleepy and drive
5. Avoid construction areas
6. Follow speed limits
7. Follow the rules of the road
8. Ignore aggressive drivers

Diseases that causes your risk of falling down

1. Visual Impairments
2. Neuropathy
3. Cardiovascular Disease
4. Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
5. Parkinson’s Disease

How to Avoid Accidents from falling stairs

1. Ensure that all stairwells conform to safety standards
2. Keep stairways clear to prevent accidents
3. Mark the edge of the steps a different color so as to avoid stairway accidents
4. Install handrails on both side of the stairway
5. Post notices on oddly designed stairwells
6. Make sure that the stairway is well lit during the day and the night
7. Inspect the stairway regularly and make sure that it is maintained
8. On rainy days, make sure that the stairwells are dried off
9. Make it a house rule to hold the handrail when using the stairs and make it natural to remind those who do who forget
10. Short step. A short step does not provide adequate support for the ball of the foot for safe forward-facing descent
11. Irregular step. An irregular step is longer and shorter than the other steps in a flight
12. Surprise step. A surprise step is not clearly visible or expected.
It could be at the bottom of a flight or a single unexpected step