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Modern Technology

Royal Phnom Penh Hospital is equipped with the most sophisticated technology available, as well as a modern building and facilities that focus on the safety and convenience of patients. We believe that modern healthcare should always be within reach of all people, in terms of both cost and accessibility.




The128 Slice Dual Source CT Scan is a revolutionary computer tomography scanner that uses two sources to efficiently scan through the heart, lungs, and other moving parts of the body, such as blood vessels, tissues, bones, and even small arteries in the lungs.


The 3.0 Tesla MRI utilizes magnets and radio waves, rather than x-rays, to scan the body, allowing physicians to look inside the body without pain, surgery or radiation and thus, to make early and accurate diagnosis of various illnesses and injuries.

Digital Mammogram

Digital Mammography this technology is commonly used to identify breast abnormalities or cancer in its early stage. The mammogram machine can detect small lumps that cannot be felt. This technology is very helpful and extremely important in early diagnosis.


ប្រព័ន្ធរក្សានិងបញ្ជូនរូបភាពឌីជីថល (Picture Archiving Communication System, PACS)ដ៏ទំនើប មានអត្ថប្រយោជន៍ក្នុងការប្រមូលនិងបញ្ជូនទិន្នន័យវេជ្ជសាស្ត្រ ក៏ដូចជារូបភាពនៃការថតកាំរស្មីអ៊ិច តាមរយៈប្រព័ន្ធកុំព្យូទ័ររនៅក្នុងមន្ទីរពេទ្យ។