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General Check-up

As a general rule, the best chance of treating a disease is catching it before symptoms arise. Many serious illnesses are not apparent at first and can go for months undetected while they cause irreparable damage.

Regular check-ups with a physician are very important for health promotion, disease prevention and early detection of many diseases including diabetes, hypertension, hyper-cholesterolemia, kidney diseases, and cancers including breast, colon, stomach, cervical and uterus.

Check-up services at RPH are administered with the same standards as at any of the BDMS family of hospitals in Thailand and across the region. Services consist of a blood test, detection of tumor markers, chest X-ray, echo-cardiogram, exercise stress tests, ultrasound, and others. Check-up services are provided by doctors who specialize in health screening. Cambodians and expatriates in Cambodia will save money and time in receiving the same quality check-up at Royal Phnom Penh Hospital, compared with going abroad.