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COVID-19 in Urologic Aspect: Q&A

During this period of time, I think ain’t body don’t know the COVID-19 or SARS-COV-2. The novel pandemic of the respiratory infection which is originated contagious virus from Wuhan, Mainland China. There have been many patients asked me that; does this virus impact urinary tract system? Well, let’s take a look together in Q&A (Updated April 29, 2020)

  • Can the virus attack our urinary tract system?

Answer Yes, it can! Due to SARS-COV-2 attack the human receptor named Angiotensin-converting enzyme type 2 (ACE2) which located at lung, heart, esophagus, ileum, urinary bladder and kidney.

  • What symptoms after urinary tract system have been infected?

Answer It’s been caused probably from mild to severe acute kidney injury. Protein or blood in urine can be detected. Remarkably, kidney involvement during SARS-COV-2 infection will significantly increasing mortality rate.

  • Can SARS-COV-2 be detected in urine or semen?

Answer After several PUBMED’s literatures appraisal, the SARS-COV-2 very little to detect in urine and there’s no evidence of viral loaded in semen. This is proving that the SARS-COV-2 cannot transmit through sexual activities. (But you still need to keep the Social Distancing during this activity, Surprise??)

  • Can SARS-COV-2 will cause the UTI?

Answer No any evidence that it capable to transmit through the urine.

  • Can we go on routine urologic procedure?

Answer Due to SARS-COV-2 is a novel virus with very limited data on transmission as we have learned. Then if there have been benign urological surgeries came up during this period of time it better to postpone until this kind of pandemic over. It will prioritize if there’s emergency and life-threatening oncologic conditions occurred. And it is possible to get it done with a strictly preoperative screening if there is a suspected on the SARS-COV-2 patient.

In my opinion, there have been not only global health care systems that being challenged during this pandemic. But both global economic and supply chain as well as a lifestyle will be challenging and impacting. I do hope that people around the world will be stayed safely from the SARS-COV-2. All right! So please stay safe you guys!


泌尿器科の側面からCOVID-19について:  Q&A


1) ウイルスは私たちの尿路系を攻撃することができますか?






4) SARS-COV-2はUTI(尿路感染症)を引き起こす可能性がありますか?


5) 定期的に泌尿器科で検査を受けてもいいですか?

回答 /


それでは 皆さん、どうかお気をつけて!


Soarawee Weerasopone, MD

Minimally Invasive Uro-Oncologist

Royal Phnom Penh hospital


Address: No. 888 Russian Confederation Blvd. Sangkat Toeuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hospital Hotline Call: +855 (0) 23 991 000/ +855(0)12991000


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International standard One stop services for Mother and Child care at Royal Phnom Penh Hospital

International standard One stop services for Mother and Child care at Royal Phnom Penh Hospital

Phnom Penh, 29th Feb 2020, Royal Phnom Penh Hospital (RPH), which is a tertiary care hospital managed and operated by Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public CO. LTD (BDMS) has been in service since 2014.

The Official Grand Opening of the Pediatric Ward is focused on “One stop services for mother and child care”.

Royal Phnom Penh Hospital (RPH) has been recognized internationally for using state of the art medical technology and also efficiently leveraging the hospital’s professional network while adhering to the highest international standards and professional ethics, the hospital is committed to continuously improving their services to benefit patients and society. In these two and a half years of operation, the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital (RPH) is the first hospital in Cambodia to have the international accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) which ensures an international medical standard and healthcare services to Cambodia and international patients. The accreditation is awarded to the hospital for providing quality medical service standard to patients and gaining the trust from International Insurance company, corporate company and government agencies around the world.

With the rising of middle-class in Cambodia, there is a need for better medical care and treatment and the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital has been playing an important role in providing a World-Class service and treatment to every Cambodian, tourists and expatriates.

To respond to the increased number of mother and child patients, especially in maternity services, the hospital has been investing in strong medical professionals, nursing team and medical equipment that focuses more on children emergency service, so with the setting up of new 24 hours pediatric ward, NICU and PICU together with a strong Pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology team, the Hospital aims to ensure that all mother and child gets the highest level of care and patient safety.

“To celebrate the opening of our new pediatric ward, NICU, PICU and facility for mother and child care service at Royal Phnom Penh Hospital (RPH), and on behalf of the management and staffs of the hospital and our BDMS network, I would love to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for the support from the Royal Government of Cambodia, who are always very supportive and welcoming.

It is our honor and pleasure to be in Cambodia,” said Dr. Thanarat Samupet, deputy hospital director

“At the same time, we also would like to extend our appreciation to all our patients, business partners, suppliers, and other friends who had provided support to the high-quality venture over the past-four-year since we opened. Without your support, we will not be here today,”

“we are committed to pursue our mission by bringing in more high-tech medical equipment and delivering the most outstanding level of medical services and healthcare to the community.

So, if you are considering getting health care services abroad, please consider Royal Phnom Penh Hospital in future, as we can provide the same if not better medical services locally, thus saving your time and money for traveling abroad for medical care”

Because maternal and child’s health is important, our clinic provides an excellence care from prenatal stages, through adolescence and women’s health. Our highly skilled staffs including pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, we are here to assist you and your family.

Children’s health also plays an important role in growth and development process. Frequent well visits, assessments of growth and development, physical exam and immunizations are essential to quality of care. Our clinic provides a comprehensive pediatric healthcare from birth to adolescence. We are committed to providing high quality medical care for healthy and sick children and supporting their families. No matter how big or how small the problem, we are always here to help.


Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatric services:

  • Mother and child Emergency and Trauma services 24/7
  • Full service for outpatient for pediatric and obstetrics & gynecology patient
  • Full service for pediatric vaccination program and women vaccination program
  • Hygiene pediatric ward
  • International standard for NICU and PICU services
  • Ambulance service 24/7
  • Hygiene delivery room

About the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital (RPH, which is a tertiary care hospital managed and operated by Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Co., Ltd (BDMS), opened in Cambodia since October 2014.

Address: No. 888 Russian Confederation Blvd. Sangkat Toeuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hospital Hotline Call: +855 (0) 23 991 000/ +855(0)12991000


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What factors affect the success rate for vasectomy reversal procedure?

What factors affect​​ the success rate for vasectomy reversal procedure?

Nowadays, the proportion of the couple’s divorcement significantly going high, men who used to be done for the vasectomy is now changing their mind and seeking for the vasectomy reversal procedure. Some survey in the US recently reported that 2% – 6% of vasectomized men they need to do the reversal procedure.

Let’s talk about the vasectomy procedure first! The day-care operational for male permanent contraception. This sort of procedure will start with the infusion of the pain killer direct to scrotal skin. After that the surgeon will make 1-cm for the incision then catch both Vas deferens then cut, tie and cauterize them as in the picture shown up. Some surgeons are performing the called “No-scalpel Vasectomy” which is no incision required. This special technique has pros on the less pain and less operational times but we still questions related to the effectiveness on the results. Literally, once I discuss with the patients related to the “Contraception procedure”, they have anticipated 100% success rate ever (I have reviewed the latest literature about those questions would had launched since 2014 – but it remains questionable).

So back to the vasectomy reversal procedure! It is not just a minor operation like the vasectomy one. To do this we required the patients access procedure under the general anesthesia several hours in the operational duration, when the job done the patients need to stay overnight in the hospital.

After the operation, the patients must strictly follow the doctor’s advices as following:

  • Taking shower or bathing will be allowed after 48 hours passed by
  • All-time wear scrotal support (except in taking shower only) do this for 6 weeks
  • Scrotal support still need to wear while you performing the heavy activities or sports, unless you’re getting know the sing of pregnancy confirmed
  • Desk works can be resumed in 3 days
  • Avoid any kind of sports for 3 weeks
  • No ejaculation for 3 weeks
  • Semen analysis shall repeat as scheduled the 1st , 3rd  and 6th  of the month after the operation

With the microscopic surgery and to obtain the superior outcome so it might needs the well-trained Urologist or Andrologist to perform this operation. Once the reversal procedure has done, 70% – 95% of the patients  will getting sperms as well as their ejaculated fluid ,and finally getting pregnancy naturally from 30% – 75% of the couple.

Anyway, there still a magic number on this operation! Well! Will you make the decision to undergo the reversal procedure just because for 5 years vasectomy and plan to get young wife to become more fertility? Is it better when you get divorced too early and finding another younger wife at the same time in order to gain more beneficial from that? Just little joke. If you need more information on this stuff, come and see me at the office please.



在现代,离婚夫妻的比率越来越高有些男性做过结扎手术的人开始改变心意想要做输精管复通术。依美国的数据近期有 2%-6%的男性要求做输精管复通手术。

让我们先来谈到结扎术!他是男性永久避孕的当日回手术。 这个所述的做法是从阴囊皮肤直接注入止痛药开始。再来医生从会从阴囊表皮开一公分的切口然后抓住两边的输精管进行切割跟绑断如图所示。 有些外科医生正在执行所谓的 “无创的输精管结扎 术”,它不需要切开皮肤。 这种特殊的技术可以减轻痛苦和减少手术时间,但我们对术后的效果仍然存在疑问。 一旦我与患者进行讨论关于“避孕计划”,他们就有期望着会获得100%的成功率(我已经查阅了最新的文献有关这些问题,从2014年以来就出现这些问题的最新文献,但仍然值得怀疑)。

那么我们回到输精管复通手术! 这不仅是输精管结扎术那样的小手术。 为了做这个手术,我们需要患者在全身麻醉下进行数小时的手术,手术完成后,患者需要住院一天观察。


  • 术后48小时才允许淋浴

通过显微外科输精管复通术,为了获得更满意的效果,需要经验丰富的泌尿科医师或男性科医师来执行此手术。 一旦输精管复通了,会有70%-95%的患者展现精子在精液里面,最终这些夫妇会有30到75%自然地怀孕。

无论如何,此操作还有一个魔幻数字! 就是! 您是否在五年内进行输精管结扎术并计划与年轻妻子结婚,为了增加生育能力,而决定做输精管复通手术? 如果是那样您该尽早离婚而且同时找到年轻漂亮的妻子才可以让这个手术的成功率更高? 开玩笑的!



















Soarawee Weerasopone, MD

Andrologist/男科医生 / 男性科専門医

Royal Phnom Penh Hospital

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Should I go on the PSA screening test?

I have been practiced in Urology office so far. A simply consulting from the other departments is about-the references of PSA value from the screening test. This kind of problem made the patients suffered a lot, especially psychological harm and I spent a bunch times to explain them for what is the big deal? Let me update you guys on PSA screening program.

If we questioned that “what kind of cancer screening test is the most concern in the world?” The answer is “Cervical cancer screening program” but what about prostate cancer? The answer is “not necessarily” I will tell you why.

In 2018, there was a very famous literature from USA studying on the PSA screening test recommendation and they concluded that not everyone should go on this screening test, if you do it, a little benefit for screening in age group 55 – 69 years old. Surprise? Let me tell you for the whole deals.

PSA is an abbreviated from “Prostate Specific Antigen” which is enzyme that specifically produced in the prostate. This enzyme’s function is to liquefy semen from Gel-like into liquid after ejaculation. PSA is riched in the prostate tissue and low in concentration in the blood stream so that is mean any events that make prostate tissue breakdown, this enzyme enter the serum and was detected by the PSA blood test. The conditions for example, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic infection and some minor manipulation can be raised this value which is called “False-positive” test.

Let’s get back to the famous US paper, the purpose of prostate cancer screening is trying to figure out the high-risk localized cancer that can be successfully treated. Why we don’t care about low-risk cancer? The answer is very simple, literally, you will die from the other causes before this cancer harm you. Mostly, the prostate cancer has no symptoms and the autopsy studied shown up to 33% of men who died from the other causes have been found prostate cancer. If we pay attention with the high-risk cancer, it’s only around 1 from 1,000 screening men will get benefit from the screening test and has no benefit when screening in men who are 70 years old up.

Tons of harmful unnecessary PSA screening test had starting with when patients got false-positive PSA result. First of all is a psychological disturbance, next they may suffer from the complication of prostate biopsy such as a painful, a bloody urination, a bloody ejaculation and infection and it is not including complication from other prostate removal operation like erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinent.

So what should we do? If you are male and in the age group of 55 – 69 years old, you better discuss with your primary doctor and make a decision together in advance. It is your choice! If you got a problem or you have a question, please come to see me at my office.


我在泌尿科已有很多年的工作经验, 来自其他部门的常见咨讯是关于筛查测试中的PSA参考值。这种问题使患者受到很多痛苦,尤其是心理伤害。我花了很多时间向他们解释关于这个问题 “我们必要做前列腺特异抗原检查吗?。 由此我向大家介绍一下上述的问题如下。

如果我们质疑“世界上最关注哪一种癌症筛查测试?” 答案是“宫颈癌筛查”,那么前列腺癌呢? 答案是“不重要的”下面我会告诉您为什么。

2018年,美国非常有名的文献对PSA筛查测试,而建议进行了研究,他们获得结论提示,并不是每个人都应该进行PSA筛查测试。如果您做PSA筛查的活,就于55-69岁年龄组筛查是有点好处的。 惊讶吗? 让我告诉您全部的关键问题。

PSA是“前列腺特异抗原”的缩写,它是一种在前列腺中特异性产生的酶。 这种酶的作用是在射精后将精液从凝胶状液化为液体的。 PSA富含在前列腺组织和低浓度的血液中。因此,意味着任何事请使前列腺组织分解的,该酶进入血清,并被检测到,通过PSA血液检查。 例如,良性前列腺增生症,前列腺感染和一些轻微操作等情况均可提高该值,称为“假阳性”测试。

那么,我们回到美国著名的报纸,前列腺癌筛查的目的就是试图弄清楚癌症高风险,并可以治疗成功的。 为什么我们不在乎低风险的癌症? 答案很简单,从字面上看,在这种癌症伤害您之前,您将死于其他原因。 大多数情况下,前列腺癌没有任何症状,经过尸检研究出现,33%因其他原因死亡的男性被发现患有前列腺癌。 如果我们关注高危癌症,那么在1,000名筛查男人性中只有1名会从筛查测试中受益,而对70岁以上的男性筛查则没有任何益处。

大量有害的不必要PSA筛查测试始于患者获得假阳性PSA结果时。 首先是心理障碍,接下来他们可能会遭受前列腺穿刺活检的并发症,例如疼痛,血尿,射血和感染,并且还不包括其他前列腺切除手术,如勃起功能障碍和尿失禁的并发症。

那我们该怎么办呢? 如果您是在55-69岁年龄组之间的男性,您最好与您的主治医生讨论并事先共同做出决定。 这是您的选择! 如果您有任何问题或疑问,请来曼谷皇家医院找我。



私はこれまで泌尿器科で診療経験を積んできました。 他の診療部門からは、PSAスクリーニングテストのPSA値について診断の依頼があります。 そして何が診断、治療のために大事なのかを説明するためにたくさんの時間を費やしました。このPSA値の問題により、患者は多くの苦痛を受けました。その中にはとりわけ心理的な害もあります。 以下、PSAスクリーニングプログラムについてお話しします。

「どのようながん検診が世界で最も重要視されているのか?」と質問がある場合、答えは「子宮頸がん検診プログラム」です。では、「前立腺がんはどうですか?」 と尋ねられれば、答えは「必ずしも必要ではない」です。次にその理由を説明します。

2018年に、アメリカで、PSAスクリーニングテストについて、非常に著名な研究論文がありました。彼らは、すべての対象者について、このスクリーニングテストに参加する必要はない、と結論付けました。もし実施するなら、55歳から69歳のグループに多少のメリットがあるという結果でした。 驚きますか? では、その全体の概要について お話ししましょう。

PSAは、前立腺で特異的に産生される酵素である「Prostate Specific Antigen」の略語です。この酵素の機能は、射精後に精液をゲル状から液体に液化することです。 PSAは前立腺組織に多く存在し、血液中では濃度が低いため、このPSA酵素が血清中に入り、血液検査で検出されることは、前立腺組織が損傷されている状況を意味します。たとえば、良性前立腺過形成、前立腺の感染、および若干の軽微な触診などの条件は、「偽陽性」と呼ばれる程度に、この検査値を上昇させます。





Dr. Soarawee Weerasopone

Minimally invasive Urologist / 微创泌尿科医生 / 低侵襲性医療 泌尿器科専門医

Royal Phnom Penh Hospital / 曼谷皇家医院

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Trauma Brain Injury (TBI)

Head injury mean complex mechanical loading to the head and/or the body that causes the injuries to the scalp, skull, brain and cranial nerve. As a result, it causes patient’s brain’s function disorder which may affect to physical disability, consciousness, thinking process, mental and emotional changes as well as behavior

How to Avoid Traffic Accidents

1. Keep your eyes on the road
2. Never use your cell phone
3. Don’t change CD’s, radio tuner
4. Never, ever drink or sleepy and drive
5. Avoid construction areas
6. Follow speed limits
7. Follow the rules of the road
8. Ignore aggressive drivers

Diseases that causes your risk of falling down

1. Visual Impairments
2. Neuropathy
3. Cardiovascular Disease
4. Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
5. Parkinson’s Disease

How to Avoid Accidents from falling stairs

1. Ensure that all stairwells conform to safety standards
2. Keep stairways clear to prevent accidents
3. Mark the edge of the steps a different color so as to avoid stairway accidents
4. Install handrails on both side of the stairway
5. Post notices on oddly designed stairwells
6. Make sure that the stairway is well lit during the day and the night
7. Inspect the stairway regularly and make sure that it is maintained
8. On rainy days, make sure that the stairwells are dried off
9. Make it a house rule to hold the handrail when using the stairs and make it natural to remind those who do who forget
10. Short step. A short step does not provide adequate support for the ball of the foot for safe forward-facing descent
11. Irregular step. An irregular step is longer and shorter than the other steps in a flight
12. Surprise step. A surprise step is not clearly visible or expected.
It could be at the bottom of a flight or a single unexpected step

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