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Anesthetists and anesthesiologists are our team of nurses and physicians who help to control pain and awareness of patients during surgical procedures. They do this during (usually acute) situations, from preoperative evaluation and consultation with the surgical team to the surgery itself in which the patient may be even be awake. The Anesthesiology Unit works with a patient’s medical team to create a plan for an anesthesia tailored to each individual, taking into account: airway management, intra-operative life support, provision of pain control, intra-operative diagnostic stabilization, and a proper post-operative management of patients.

Outside the operating room, our Anesthesiology Unit’s duties includes in-hospital and ex-hospital emergencies, support to the the Intensive Care and Acute Pain units, and chronic pain consultations. As physicians, anesthesiologists are able to utilize their extensive knowledge of physiology, pharmacology and diseases to guide their decision making.